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Michael Beeson

San Jose State University
Who will introduce us to

"The Mechanization of Mathematics"

At San Jose State University
in the Engineering Auditorium Room 189
on Wednesday, October 19, 2005
at 7:30 pm

Now that computer programs play chess at a world-class level, how long will it be before they compete with human mathematicians? Even before computers were actually built, their application to proving theorems was envisioned, and it was one of the first tasks given to the first computers. Their performance was not earth-shaking! Half a century of reseach later, there has been considerable progress, and at least one well-known open problem has been solved by a computer program. This talk will explain some of the history and difficulties, and the current state of the art.

Michael Beeson was born in Topeka, Kansas, and received his undergraduate degree in mathematics at Caltech. His Ph.D. from Stanford was in mathematical logic. After ten years of research in logic, and one book, he came to San Jose State University in 1981 where he now is Professor of Computer Science and Professor of Mathematics. In 1997 he published MathXpert - software to help students learn algebra, precalculus, and calculus. He conducts research in automated deduction, which is the art and science of getting computers to prove theorems.

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