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David M Bressoud
The Macalester College
DeWitt Wallace Professor

Taking us on an adventure into

The Art of Counting

At Santa Clara University
Daly Science 206

on Wednesday, April 12, 2006.
at 7:30 pm

Description: "How many?" is the most basic question in mathematics. It also can be one of the most profound. How many different molecules can we construct from a collection of atoms? How many regions are there in space sliced by random planes? How many paths along a lattice will take us to our destination? How many ways can we stack boxes into a corner? These questions are important to physicists, chemists, and computer scientists. We'll explore some of these counting problems and reveal some techniques for sophisticated counting.

      David Bressoud is DeWitt Wallace Professor of Mathematics at Macalester College in St. Paul, MN. He studied analytic number theory with Emil Grosswald at Temple University and taught at Penn State until 1994. He has received the MAA Distinguished Teaching Award, the MAA Beckenbach Book Award for Proofs and Confirmations, Macalester's Jefferson Award, and has served as MAA Polya Lecturer. He has published over fifty research articles on combinatorics, number theory, and special functions. Other books include Factorization and Primality Testing, Second Year Calculus from Celestial Mechanics to Special Relativity, A Radical Approach to Real Analysis, and, with Stan Wagon, A Course in Computational Number Theory. He has served as chair of the AP Calculus Development Committee, and he loves reading, writing, and travel.

How to get to Santa Clara University:
101 From US Highway 101, take the De La Cruz Boulevard/Santa Clara exit and follow the signs to El Camino and the main campus entrance.
280 From I-280, take I-880 north toward Oakland to the Alameda exit. Turn left onto The Alameda (which becomes El Camino Real) to the main campus entrance.
880 From I-880, take the Alameda exit, travel north (The Alameda becomes El Camino Real) to the main campus entrance.
Click here for a campus map.

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