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Joe Buhler
of Reed College
and The Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Berkeley

Who will be taking us on an adventure of

Paradoxes in Probability and Applications

At San Jose State University
in the Engineering Auditorium
Room 189

on Wednesday, February 7, 2000
at 7:30 pm

If you know that one child in a two-child family is a boy, what is the probability that the other child is also a boy? What is the chance that a random chord in a circle is longer that the radius? How many people di there have to be in a room before it is more likely than not that two of them will have the same birthday?

Paradoxes, like the famous examples above, seem to turn up in probability more than any other area of Mathematics. This talk will discuss further examples, and then show how the birthday paradox has applications to finding factors of large integers, and to cryptography.

     Joe Buhler has taught at Reed College, Harvard University, and Penn State. Currently, he is the Deputy Director at the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute in Berkeley. He has workedin a number of areas of mathematics, including number theory, combinatorics, algebra, computation, and the mathmatics of juggling patterns.

How to get to San Jose State University:

From 101 take the First street or Guadalope Expressway exit and go to Fourth Street. Take Fourth to San Salvador Street; turn left onto San Salvador and park in the Seventh Street garage ($2.00). The Engineering building is on San Fernando between Seventh and Eighth Streets.

From highway 280 take the 7-th street exit and turn left on Seventh Street. The garage is on the left after 5 or 6 blocks.
The Engineering building is on San Fernando between 7-th and 8-th

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