BAMA presents, absolutely free

Donald Saari
of the
University of Claifornia at Irvine

Who will help us to see the

"Mathematical Surprises
about Voting"

At Santa Clara University
in Daly Science room 207

on Monday March 3, 2003
at 7:30 pm

Voting just involves counting, so how can anything go wrong. But, as suggested by the successes of Le Pen in France, Ventura in Minnesota, and George W. Bush in the November, 2000, Florida presidential election, maybe ther3e are some deep mysteries. Maybe, just maybe, election outcomes need not reflect who the voters really want. As shown by many surprises which have been recently discovered by the use of mathematics, this is the case. The conclusions described during this talk should make you worry about the outcome of the last election you voted in, even if it was just a school election.

Donald Saari is a Distinguished Professor of Mathematics and Economics at the University of California at Irvine and the Director of the Center for Decision Analysis there. From 1968 to 2000 he was a professor of mathematics at Northwestern University. His research addresses dynamical systems and their applications - such as earlier work on the Newton N-body problem, and one of his current emphases is on mathematical problems generated by voting and decision systems. His many honors include election to the National Academy of Sciences, as well as several expository awards from the Mathematical Association of America. He is an exciting speaker and previously has given mathematical talks to both high school and grade school students.

How to get to Santa Clara University:
101 From US Highway 101, take the De La Cruz Boulevard/Santa Clara exit and follow the signs to El Camino and the main campus entrance.
280 From I-280, take I-880 north toward Oakland to the Alameda exit. Turn left onto The Alameda (which becomes El Camino Real) to the main campus entrance.
880 From I-880, take the Alameda exit, travel north (The Alameda becomes El Camino Real) to the main campus entrance.
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